Fat Pee Pants

Slave Slurpped The Poop! – Part 2

The girls take turns squatting over each boy’s head and make them take as much piss and shit as they can. They run a tight ship and they make sure that they boys will obey anything and eat all the scat that comes with the job.

Multiple Scat Serving Compilation!

Here you get to witness so many beautiful women and so many kinds of scat served for your consumption. The variety of tastes and smells is wonderful. And every dish is served freshly for you! *special discount

Another Day In The Life Of A Domestic Toilet Slave

His mistress has had plenty to drink and she has saved up a lot of pee to be served into her slaves mouth. There is literally mouthfuls and mouthfuls of her golden nectar which sprays into his mouth and over-spills across his face. After she has finished her delivery of pee, he is ordered to clean off the drops from around her beautiful pussy!

The Merciless Punishment

One of my workerslaves made me mad again! I was very generous to him andgave him more time, than he needed for his work, but he did not do thatwell. A merciless punishment has to be done, because I do not like toget disappointed!