Fat Person Shitting And Sitting On Babe

Shitting 2 Times Dirty Asshole And Big Poop

In the first part of the video I poop on a place my ass facing you. I then spread my asscheeks so you can enjoy my dirty asshole and I take a pee. I strain my asshole some more as I moan from satisfaction. I turn around and show you my dirty asshole some more. I know you wish you would be here licking this cute butthole with your tongue! I push again and some nasty liquid comes out from my ass. Finally I show you a close up of my poop and you can see all the details.In the second part of the video I poop on a plate again. First I poop some harder turds. You may think it’s over but I then shit some more, this time some softer poop. I keep straining my asshole so you can enjoy this view longer. I then turn around and show you butthole. Unfortunately I forgot to zoom on the final product.

Toilet Time 6

One MASSIVE shit this morning! Many slaves would’ve choked on this load of creamy turds. It’s pretty much impossible for me to take such a big shit without getting wet. It just feels soooo good to push it out after holding it in.Just look at all those thick creamy turds, if only you had your mouth wide open under my beautiful asshole when they slid out. You would’ve suffered though. I never care how big or smelly my loads are. I push them out without mercy into your mouth for my own sadistic pleasure 🙂

P – Mmw – Drink Pee – Full – Hd 1280×720

HD 1280×720, time 11:24. Girls using a man as a human toilet. They make his stomach full.

Red Toes And Spread Ass Pooing

For the foot fetish lover and the chocolate lovers… watch her spread her ass as her feet come in and out of frame..listen as she pushes the poo out.