Fat Poop Toilet

Scat Rubberdoll P3

The asshole of the slave still seems too tight for two hands. He is in training. Then the human rubber doll sits down on the toilet chair and shits. The new toilet slave has the honor of watching how the lady shits. Then he can smell it, but eat nothing. First, he still gets clamps on his balls and cock. Then Lady Celine prepare the rubber doll with a strapon.

Mega Poop Party!

As the only toilet in the entire building, let me tell you, I have the best job in the world. Beautiful women come in here all day, offering their precious asses to me, their tight anuses that expand like flowers all day to give me their sweet gifts that come in logs and chocolate-y chunks. One of them stands up after releasing a quart of yellow mush that smelled strongly of fish. Another one had a sexy, buttery consistency that you can play with all day because it didn’t break down quickly, it just spread like proper butter. The last one was special – she let me see her use a sexy new enema that she had in her bag. She let the precious liquid from her ass flow down her hand and down to my waiting throat. I could do this all day.

Doggystyle Poop

This is a sensual doggystyle poop. I start off in a cute tank top and skirt, and I tell you how desperate I am for a big shit. But the best shits are unclothed ones so I want to strip off for you first. I take off my top, playing with my tits and bending over to show you my ass in the skirt. But why don’t we keep the skirt on? That way every time I wear it, i’ll remember this awesome shit! I lift up the skirt and show you my asshole. A start pushing and a little log peeks out. It’s time! I get into the doggy position, arching my back and showing you my juicy ass, then I push and push and a big pile of shit comes out in 3 or 4 seperate logs. God it feels so good! I show you the pile on the floor, hmm, what could we do with that I wonder? Then I show you my asshole, a little string of poo still hanging down from it, my asshole brown with leftovers. I wipe it and show you the tissue, covered in my skid marks.

Pretty Amateur Ass Is Ready To Produce Some Turds

Pretty amateur ass is ready to produce some turds