Fat Shit Eating

Beg For (sh)it

My slave is on the ground and is very excited to be allowed to eat shit again. He is happy! But I want to torment him. I sit on top of him and slap him really hard. Then I spit in his face. Nevertheless, he still thinks that it starts immediately. But far from it: I shit on his stomach. Put it in his face, but he may NOT lick it! He should beg! I laugh at him and explain that he is not even good at serving as a toilet! I pee next to him on the floor. He should keep his head in the puddle! He really wants to lick it, but I just spit on him! Then he gets my pissed panties pushed in his face. He greedily starts to smell it. But I’ll take it away too!

S_cat Woman P2 Hd Version

After the toiletslave have swallow all the shit of Lady Nicole her mysterious girlfriend has to shit too. After she has shits into the mouth of the slave and his mouth is is allready filled up with shit, she pushes the fresh bunch of shit with her pumps deeper in the mouth of the toiletslave. She waits so long he has swallowed all and his mouth is clean again, because she has a new job for the toiletslave. Lick the shit from my asshole slave, that is the reason for she has waiting! lucky slave, (S)cat Woman take a seat directly of the mouth of the slave to get her asshole licked clean.

Farting And Naughty Lingerie Poo

@ 6 Min ? I Start Off Telling You What All I Ate 2 Make Me So Gassy! Then I Unleash Some Farts For You While I Dirty Talk! Time 2 Go To The Bathroom Where I Am Wearing Some Naughty Lingerie & Being Your Naughty Shit Girl. I Dirty Talk Even More To You As I Push Out My Fat Turd. You Love Watching The Chocolate Come Out Of My Ass Don?t You? Oh, It Smells So Bad?.So Stinky. Mmmm? You Love It & I Love Doing It For You 😉

Toilet Slave Behind The Bed Part 6

Girls uses Man