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Shitty Lace Panties

Sexy Sophie is in the bathroom, feeling pretty desperate to poop. She opens up the lid of the toilet and finds a terrible mess inside! Her roommate got drunk last night and was sick in the toilet, and she didn’t even clean up after herself! ‘Oh my god, it’s nasty! I’m not sitting on that!’Sophie doesn’t know what to do. She really has to poop but she doesn’t want to sit on the dirty toilet, or clean up her roommate’s mess. She sits on the side of the bath and tries to hold it in while she thinks about what to do. She jiggles and holds her tummy, but it feels like it’s going to come out any second!She doesn’t have any choice, she can’t wait a single second longer.’I need to poop!’She leans over the closed lid of the toilet and the poop starts to come right out into her little white, lacy panties! The fabric pulls tight, pointing out as the poop emerges. She runs her hand over the bulge. It feels warm and squishy pressed snugly between her smooth ass cheeks and the tight fabric of her panties. It actually feels very nice, and, to Sophie’s surprise, a little bit sexy. Sophie lays down on the bathroom floor and starts to rub the warm, messy mound in her panties. She rubs her bottom against the floor, squishing the little load all over her backside. The she starts to pub her pussy through the panties, moaning and gasping.She turns around and you can see the once little bulge has become a huge brown stain all over the back of her white panties. It’s so messy!She pulls aside the panties so you can see her filthy, poopy pussy. ‘Just look how dirty I am!’Sophie rubs her clit through the messy panties and it isn’t long before she is coming! What a dirty girl! Pulling down her panties, you can see the huge mess inside. Maybe she should leave them on the floor for her roommate to find!