Fat Shit Off Feet

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Ms D Smells Terrible!!

Ms D is back with her three Funkiest clips of the year so far!!!! Enjoy as she can barely prop the camera before that big ass ass of hers explodes with farts and logs!!! She was dropping some FUNKY Monsters!! So bad that Ms D couldn?t even help comment on them in public!!! While wiping after dropping her second dump you can ever hear her yeall ?It smells terrible!!? She is soooo Stanky in these ? I just I could be there watching right behind her!!! In the finale, she takes what seemed like an endless dump as others come and go doing their thing as well!! Lots of great Ass Spreading action as she really pulls them fat ass cheeks apart so you can see these fats logs falling out her asshole!! Another Classic dump from the queen of grunts, plops, and strains (GPS) that made this site so well known in the beginning!! The noises she was making out her ass and mouth were something extra!!! One of my favorite clips in a minute right here!!

Piss Swallow – Carol -diana -man

Great Peemovie with lot of pee on each other and real good acteurs.