Fat Sister Taken Poop

Different Pooping Methods Tried Out Part 3

Girls Uses Man

Boss Eats Sexy Secretary’s Shit!

During office hours, he is the boss in the office; everyone answers to him, especially his hot and pretty secretary. But when all the clients are gone, things turn around and the boss becomes the slave! The secretary uses this time to make him do sick and nasty stuff that he has no choice but to follow. After making him strip down to his briefs, she makes him lie down on the floor so she can squat above his face, sans panties. She pees all over his face and when that’s done, she feeds him morsels of shit that she collected the day before from her toilet bowl. She makes him turn around and pushes his face down on the puddle of pee, drenching his face with warm urine.


Smooth and easy. (Multi-angle).

I Begged My Mistress To Shit On My Face! – Part 3

She lets out a huge load of turd, right on my open mouth! I spread the disgusting sticky shit all over my face and the I lick her ass clean of shit.