Fat Slat Shitting

Mistress Roberta -shit With Pretzels-pov

Today i poop alot and pee after pooping so i decided to do a surprise after i took some pretzels and i add them on top of the shit so you have 3 pretzels to eat the shit with so enjoy your today breakfast!

I Can’t Pay My Rent, So My Landlady Pees On My Face! – Part 3

She spreads her legs and commands him to dig in – her cunt needs a lot of eating, she says. Not only that but she pees and shits on my face as well.

Femdom Party 5_3 P6

The slave’s butt is quite blue. Nevertheless, he is whipped again today. Mistress Michelle has to pee and used the living room. The toilet slave is indeed a long time there and waits. The toilet slave tries to swallow the whole piss, but the beam is quite hard, so that some splashes next to it. Then three Ladies are smoking a cigarette while one of the slaves serves as an ashtray.


Hot baby is pooping in sexy jeans shorts, peeing and farting!