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Scat Top Girls Elegant Vol 3

Starring: Raica Amorin & Dayanne R. – synopses: film specific in Scat domination real friends…scat real in the mouth…humiliation and piss in the face real..

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177.2 I forgot to say you this is a video home made in Sardinia by me during a 24/7 with Coccorocco. He is a very good slave but he is not able to support any pain, so this clip is very amusing. I will give him some pee to drink, and he like it, but do not miss the scat in 177.3 it is his first scat, very painful!!!!!!! MP4

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This is the second meeting of the toilet slave and the big butt black woman he met a couple of weeks ago. She is a grade A shit producer and gives him a very large portion of soft shit to eat and has him lick her ass squeaky clean. .