Father Made Daughter Eat His Shit

Ms D’s New Office, New Toilet To Destroy!!

Classic clip from MS D. Her first day at a new job, enjoy as she baptizes the office bathroom toilet!! Ass, gas and splash as only Ms D can deliver!!



Our Shit For Your Pleasure

Four girls depositing their shit in this toilet just for you. See their ass hole stretch as they push out their poop.

It Stinks So Bad!

One of my dearest friends, Demetra (23 years old), has agreed to inaugurate my store ItalScat with a series of selfie videos, in which we’ll see her shitting hard. For this first video I asked her to stay two days without pooping in order to have a nice big turd for future viewers. I was not disappointed by her performance! In this video, she lays a very big ‘egg’ in the bidet, telling her feelings of true liberation after much waiting and complaining about the stinky smell of her shit.