Father Piss Kitchen

Pissing In The White Pantyhose 1 ** Fan Video 6 **

These tights have done to me. A very pure color – innocence. In it my little penis looks quite shy and sweet. Even my fat ass can not tarry in it. But the right water comes from my bladder directly from the little hole in the glans of my cock. Yellow urine – also called piss bubbles through the fine mesh. Hot pee that makes the nylon wet. Horny feeling on the feet

Time To Feed The Slave П”

Well slave, I want to see my shit in your mouth again. You get to stay down on the floor and open mouth. You’re allowed to jerk off, but you’re not allowed to cum until or unless I say so and only after you’ve gotten a mouthful. ?I tease and touch myself through my tight sexy leggings. You’re gonna be eating my shit right from the source. I shit and offer to feed it to you instead, but you’ve gotta lick this shit like the good little shit eater you are before you chew them up. Mmm, good boy, I love watching you chow my shit … you’re still allowed to jerk off… Make your Mistress happy, pig.

Shitty Bum Fingering

Messy just fucked anal fingering, dirty fingers in arse and pussy, butt spreading. Stinky shit covered fingers.

Trampling And Ns For The Slave In The Cage

(Year 2011) Fine the slave in my cage lies and bears the Trampling, first with my Heels, then with my nylon feet.  In the end I tear up the stocking pair of pants between my thighs and piss it into its Slavemouth!  It licks the remaining dirt then fine of the ground and collected another couple of step into the balls!!