Fatima Piss The Park

Slaves Stable – Appropriate Slaves Meal

My own pigs have now entered the slavery. The shabby accommodation is still far too good for the 2, which will be still wondering because I plan future slaves to lodge there and then it hears alternately sleeping. Today I find the new one in the kitchen as he cooks a noodle soup. I can not wait to see him again. So beautifully pissed his soup gets a different note and for the right taste I empty the bowel straight, directly into the cooking pot, everything mixes well and already the appropriate slaves meal is finished. The little loser graze a little while spooning but ultimately he has eaten his faecal soup bravely. You can find more videos from the slave stable at www.dangerous-girls.com

Livia Scat Blowjob

See Livia extreme with scat and pee. She gives nasty Blowjob full Scat. Very extreme.

Mistress Roberta – Morning Kaviar And Pee

Today my personal slave gets again way too much scat and pee than he can handle so again he cannot eat everything so i am very disturbed with that and tell him to not ask for more if he is not capable of eating so i mennance him to not feed him anymore.