Faurt And Shit Mouth

Banana & Kaviar For You

A tasty dessert made specially for you… banana and kaviar… a lot of kaviar. Watch me while I’m pooping the kaviar right from my sexy asshole… it is so hot and tasty…

Francesca’s Funky Outbursts!!

Francesca is back with two awesome clips!!! Enjoy in the first clip as she takes a nice dump on the toilet while also playing with those huge milky breasts of hers. Enjoy as she squeezes until she lactates while also squeezing a nice load in the bowl!! Then enjoy as she gets on her back and spreads wide to release a loud FUNKY blast of shit and piss!! One of the most explosive clips yet from one of the FUNKIEST ladies around!!! The sounds coming out FrancescaÂ’s ass are a sound and in this case a sight to behold!! Francesca is the front runner for comeback player of the year as her clips are FUNKIER and more explosive than ever!!

Mistress Roberta – Take Away Food Prepared In My Bedroom -pov

This morning i have prepared an take away breakfast in my bedroom floor pee in the jar and poop on the plate with a little spoon so you can serve anytime, enjoy!

Mistress Gaia – Under The Desk

While I’m working with my computer, my doormat complains of being hungry, I can satisfy him, because I got a certain urge to go to the bathroom … without moving from my desk … after having adored my ass, he will receive a good dose of hot chocolate in his mouth that he will appreciate for the excellent taste 🙂