Feed Toilet Slave Ebony Cat

Mistress Gaia – A Special Treat For You, Slave!

Hey slave, what are you doing? As usual you are stroking your cock, spying me!! Come here, I have a special treat for you: look at my divine pussy, at my beautiful ass-hole. Now, go on stroking your cock, while I give you mu precious gift: my scented shit. Smell it … mmmmm ….. how much it is!!! Slave, get ready to taste it!! But I have something more for you: my golden Champagne; look at my pussy while my nectar flows.Now look at my ass and come here!!! You need to clean it!!! Put your tongue to work, slave!!

Pooping Our Panties Together

Jessy opens the door.Last night she was on a date wth her ‘daddy’. ‘Wow,good morning you are wearing the same dress from last night!What hapened?’ ‘I hate last night,I hate this guy,I hate everything about it!’..’Calm down honey,tell me everything’ when her unbelievable story begins.I don’t have a word to say.She jumps from the bed,starts taking off her dress when she says’Do you know what’I wanna destroy this dress!Because of last night’ I know what she means.’Jessy,Jessy wait meee! Let’s do it together pleaseee’ Standing close to each other,on her white dress while we push the poop together.We are pooping at the same time,filling our white panties.There is no such feeling!Admiring the smell,playing with each other hot bodies and smashing the poop from our panties on her white dress… breathtaking!!!!!!!!

Vfsu 1+2 Part 5/6

Enjoy the fascinating secret sounds of Girls farting, pooping, grunting, groaning and pissing. This is part 5/6 of the unique VFSU Series (University) which was created in April 2014. A lot of natural toilet scenes on 6 toilets with 19 student girls. Enjoy!!