Fem Domina Shit

Oxana:poop Jeans Diaper

Oxana is pooping in jeans and diaper under them very smelly delcious shit and farts.

I Really Need Pee So This Bitch Peed On My Face

I have this deep fetish for pee but I refuse to drink my own. I ask bitches for supply, like this one right here. She is more than willing to give me a fresh cup so I take the plastic cup in my mouth and makes her give it all to me. She pulls down her panties and squats over my face. She lets out a warm burst of pee, pouring it on the plastic cup. I took it all on and I swallow it gratefully. She drinks more water afterwards so she can give me a second batch.

Italian Poo Dish

170.1 Today i make for you an italian dish with my poo, let you see how i make tis!!!! MP4

Fast Turd On Glass Table

Pants down, chop-chop shit on the glass table, grabbed camera under the table and off we went .. zackzack