Female Human Toilet Slave

Jessica (scat Quicky) Soft Serve Chocolate Kaviar

If your looking for a quick giant mouthful of shit and a great dick suck you’ve come to the right place! Watch as I meet up with Jessica on her lunch break and receive more then my fill of her delicious soft serve chocolate Kaviar. This exciting fetish had her pussy soaking wet after we finished, she could not believe how horny this actually made her and how much she enjoyed it!!! This was certainly a rush for her to break up the boring routine of a receptionist and answering phones all day. Today she answered the call of scat and had a life changing experience…They say once you go scat, you just never go back. I have a feeling I will be eating her shit again very soon…

Outdoor Pissing And Pee Drinking!

Two ladies had too much to drink in a sidewalk food stall so they need to pee! Being the small business that it is, they don’t have a comfort room so the two are left with finding an alternative! What they do instead is go in the middle of a spare lot, take off their lower garments, and then relieve their selves! One is standing and peeing into the mouth of the other, who is gulping every last drop of it, while she is crouching and urinating directly on the ground! They then go back to the eatery as if nothing unusual just happened!

Shit 01.04.2018

Shit in front of you,and pee then I make nice closeup to my skid mark inside toilet bowl.This time it was really hard to shit all out.