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Diarrhea Strikes Lady Boss! Part 1

She is already driving, her stomach starts to grumble and pain starts to spread wide. She clutches her tummy and tries to hold back her shit. She calls the office and advises that she will be a bit late. When she’s able to go down the car in the parking lot, her shit is threatening to spurt out of her ass!

Older Mistress Trains Eager Scat Manslave – Non

The younger guy is so eager to be her slave that he will do anything. ANYTHING. So the older woman tells him to go down on her and lick her cunt and anus. After servicing her, she takes off the young man’s pants to release his cock. They do 69 so she can suck his cock while he devours her moist cunt. She sits on his face and makes him stimulate her asshole so she can produce hot steaming turd right on his pathetic face.

Giant Turd Shitting On The Living Room Glass Table

Whoa, that was twitching jerk! Ass to the edge of the plate to keep the camera and loskacken 🙂 As he piled up, the mega pile! Check for yourself how he slowly builds up .. ..