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Bdsm Session And Shit Eating

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Man Strips And Gulps Woman’s Urine!

This man could no longer hide his admiration for this woman so he finally decides to make the first move in this situation! What he does is get naked and then approach her while she is in the middle of her work! At first, the woman is shocked, but after grasping the situation, she brings him to the bathroom! Though, not to have some naughty time, but instead, urinate inside his mouth! This left the man with no choice but to gulp down every drop of her piss! When she couldnÂ’t release anymore, she proceeds to leave him alone as if nothing just happened!

A Few Days In Toilet Wmv

Three days of my dirty toilets. In the first video I’m naked piss and shit. In the second video, I get up in the morning with abdominal pain, I have constipation. The third video this relax in my toilet with pee and poop.

Mistress Gaia – My Double Treat – Hd Version

I have my slave waiting for me on the floor. He’s in heat and wants to play with himself. I ordered him to wait until I arrived. It’s nearly lunch time. So i’m going to give my slut a double treat. I said he could masturbate while I give him a good helping of scat. He is not allowed to cum until I give him permission. As I sit on top of my slut I get him to open his mouth nice and wide to recieve his delightful treat. What a good helping I give him, he almost chokes as my shit fills his mouth and covers his face. I then tell him he must continue to play with his cock, while I relax and use him as my footstool. I watch as he chews and swallows all my scat. Only when it is finished will he be allowed to cum. Such a lucky slave, getting a rare double treat from Mistress Gaia…