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Kris 1 – Quick Huge Shit And Piss On Sof’

Kris is an amateur american girl and this is her first ever scat video.With her knees on a sofà, she shits a huge pile and pees. Good view of her lovely soles. Short clip but nice! 😉

Patient Given A Large Dose Of Piss! – Part 2

The ladies urinate on the man’s dick, on his face, and throughout his entire body! However, this is not yet the worst part of their torment! The epitome of suffering arrived when they made him open his mouth and ordered him to drink their piss while they urinate! When they could no longer release anymore, they direct their attention on his dick and take turns giving it a handjob, only stopping when he reaches orgasm and cums!

Heavily Pregnant Shitting Mega-pile

I again pressed the ass all night, but I tried it as long as possible to make it. Out came a huge soft flatbread for a customer.