Festival Piss Compilation

A Whole Bowl Of Fresh Poop

People have often a distorted idea of the mistresses, unjustly considered as heartless prodommes who are distinguished for their arrogance and bad manners. Conversely, the true dominant lady, has a strong maternal instinct and behave with their slave in exactly the same way as they as they were puppies to feed lovingly. A real mistress can’t leave without food her slave! For this reason, in this clip, you will see Mistress Melissa produce a generous amount of fecal matter in a bowl for her potential toilet slave, for example… you. Please, enjoy your meal: fresh poop for you!

Alina Pooping On Rolls

Alina pooping on rolls. What looks more appetizing – rolls or shit Alina?

Huge Turds On The Toilet!!!

I am at my friend’s house and have to shit so bad! I grab my phone and decide to shoot a clip on the fly as I sit on the toilet and poop out turd after turd! After taking that big shit I grab a turd that fell on the floor and proceed to play with it a little bit…maybe I put it in my mouth, I don’t know…;)

Nice Turd, Big And Thick..

Wow, this is my best one this week. I am trying to the the best turds on the net! – natural of course!!!