Festival Poop Piss

4 Girls Throwing Eggs At The Target

4 Girls throwing eggs at the target. The girls drank beer, ate and began to entertain. At their disposal were 60 eggs, which they threw in the face of a slave. Amina smashed the largest number of eggs on the slave’s head. Girls were happy and laughed, for them it was fun! After playing they washed the slave and began to feed.

Mistress Gaia Bread And Breakfast With Crap

Today I will prepare you a special breakfast, VERY healthy. The so-called champions’ breakfast… all the fucking sluts like you and my slave should eat: bread and shit. Are you getting thirsty? Then refresh yourself with my plentiful, hot and tasty pee.

Piss On Madaira 02

The series Piss on Madaira shows you what has happan to all the piss of the two Princesses wich was with the personal slaves for one week in hollydays!