Fetische Piss Orgien

Breakfast At Mistress Michelle P2

Under the guidance of Mistress Michelle the slave eats her shit and swallows. As a little surprise, Mistress Michelle brought an extra bunch for her toilet slave. A horse pile of shit on a plate. Mistress Michelle feeds her toilet slave and then lets him eat from the ground herself. While he eats the shit, she puts his butt plug back in his asshole.

Lesbian Extreme Scat Part 1

Maisy and Louise have a extreme scat session in the bathroom. Anal play, shitting, scat eating, scat swallowing, pissing….

Pee In Spain

See my Pee Clips in Spain at the Beach and on my Finca

Mistress Gaia – A Toilet Break – Hd Version

Well… Hello again it’s you. Having a little peep at me in my bathroom. I’m sure I can provide you with something to satisfy that voyeur habit of yours, so don’t blink and pay attention. I begin with getting rid of some air, it make one feel so much better don’t you think? Then removing my panties, I hold them right in your face so you can smell and taste them. Do you like my scent? It’s time for me to have a shit. As I havn’t eaten a lot, it won’t take long. However, I’m not finished with you just yet. I still have some air to get rid off. I know you love my ass, so I’m going to get it right in your face, so you can experience the essence of my farts. Come closer, and breath in for me.