Fetish Asian Pissafternoon

Jitsuko: Anal Vibrator Overload

Jitsuko’s mind was in a haze as three maximum, overloaded vibrators buzzed around her in the clear cage. Her hands sought her raw pussy as she tried to pummel it inside with the bulbous vibrator head. The wasp-like buzzing egged her on, and her wet anus contracted around the anal plug that she’d pushed in to the hilt. Jitsuko twisted around, trying to get a good angle so she can maul her sour-smelling anus with the vibrator that had finger attachments. The finger attachments felt good, tickling her rectum. Her gaping anus, pink from abuse, gushed a powerful splat of shit juice on the clear glass cage. She is one beautiful anal-loving pet, and she wants some more.

Shit On It P2

Lady Katharina and Lady Angie are peeing at the same time. Lady Katharina pisses the slave in the mouth and Lady Angie pisses on his slave eggs. Then Mistress Michelle spits in his mouth and Lady Katharina shits on his stomach. Mistress Michelle pees on the pile of shit.

Milf Ellie – Plate Dinner

Milf Ellie descibed what she had for dinner last night and love to share everything she had with you in this early morning. She’s such a teaser.tags: dirtytalk, shitty finger, pee, shitting, wiping, toilet

Shitting On The Balcony

The weather is sunny and I am shitting on my balcony! Maybe my neighbour watched?