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Lady Turns Living Room Floor Her Toilet!

Not liking the atmosphere of the bathroom, this woman experiences problems defecating in it! So what she does in this situation is turn the living room floor her toilet! She lays out a sheet of cloth on the ground and then poops on it! When she is done, she proceeds to clean up her mess, but not before squishing and playing with her feces!

Goddess Andreea – Cbt And Scat In Mouth

Goddess Andreea just made another epic movie. She order her toilet boy to eat all of her shit and order him to wank and swallow it ! She was dressing in a black seethrough catsuit today and high heels. She abuse cock and balls or her slave, use them and humiliate them about their size and impotency. Movie was recorded from 2 angles with 2 different cameras, video camera and smartphone. One fixed and one mobile.

P – Mmw – Drink Our Pee And Lick Our Dirty Feet – Full – B – Hd 1280×720

HD 1280×720, time 19:33. Girls have fun. They order the slave to drink their pee and lick stinky dirty feet.

Fat Chocolate Sausage

I love this thick sausages in it with many balls. You can feel every single ball