Fetish Farting Toilet Bitch

Happy New Toilet!

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Close Up

Giving a close up of me pissing and shitting

Josephina And Friends Funky Holiday Mix!!

Josephina is back!! This gassy BBW is back with epic ASSault!!! Enjoy a great mix of farting clips from Josephina as she lets rip in her bedroom and on the toilet as well!! Josephina must have unloaded 2 dozen clips in this 20 minute set!!! She even unloads a few logs as well!! None are shown however. Not to be outdone she even got two of her friends to join in as well!! To Lead off, enjoy as she introduces you to her friends Tiffany and Stephanie!! Tiffany leads off with a really funky fart, then proceeds to have a great POV dump!! Then Stephanie brings the FUNKIEST loads in this set!! Enjoy a few nice between legs diarrhea clips along with some gassy farts as well!! This is probably the most fart loaded clip I have ever produced as these ladies really brought the funk!! A must have for you fart lovers – with a few nice dumps mixed in as well!!! Over 20 minutes of farts and sharts and more!!!