Fetish French Pee Bowl

Their Ass Really Sweet!

Their ass really sweet! At first the girls walked around the store and selected products for the competition. We decided to hold a contest – which of the girls will eat cranberries faster. Their juicy asses looked sexy, but the fact that they still wanted to shit gave them even more sexuality! They constantly urged me: faster, I want to shit. We held a competition and the girls alternately filled my mouth with their sweet, morning shit!

Hitomi Night And Day

Pooping at home in the evening and afternoon!

Loving Husband Eats His Wife’s Shit!

She hasn’t take a dump in days and was therefore miserable as shit. But right now she can feel the shit finally wanting to go out and she preps her husband to celebrate it. After sitting on his face and making him lick her pussy and anus, she finally unloads her much-awaited shit, which he ate with much relish as eating his favorite steak.