Fetish Outdoor Peeingpiss

Public Outdoor Lesbo-piss Action With Mara And Rosella!

I was with my sweet girlfriend Mara-Martinez, naked, at a bathing lake, to sunbathe and swim. When we both had to pee, Mara pissed me in my mouth. I swallowed her delicious piss greedily. It also came a little shit, from Mara’s tight asshole, with out and dripped on my tits. Then I pissed Mara on her pierced tits. And all that in front of numerous spectators!

Goddes Emily Shit In The Mouth

I decided to play with my toilet again. I torture and smother my toilet slave. Then I put the shoes on his face and make him to smell delicious aroma of my legs. Toilet slave was very hungry and wanted that I’m feed him with my delicious shit. He was laying on the floor and I am sitting on the toilet over his face. I shit a monster load directly into slave mouth. He must to swallow it, but it is too much for him. I smeared the rest of my shit on his face and spat in his mouth.

Let Me Eat Your Shit Part2

Did the human toilet expect that much shit? Well that is of no concern to me or Lady Lisa. I dont know how I always manage to hit the aim from a distance over 2 yards. But I am glad about never missing the targetLanguage: English+German

Pee-pur Will Not Enough Piss

Morning urine still tastes the best, and so I had my friend in the measuring cup pissen.Dachte yes he. Fully get him but unfortunately he failed and my look was not really satisfied of piss