Fetish Piss Fucka

Pathetic Toilet Slave

-Please let me go. I’ve done everything you wanted without giving you a hard time. I’m sorry for hurting you but I can’t take this anymore please let me go.- He whined. -You really are pathetic you know that. Just when I was thinking how good of a slave you were becoming; you’re not going anywhere. You’re becoming a good little toilet and I’ve decided to keep you. Once again you will obey my rules. When I think you have earned luxuries only then will you receive them at my sole discretion. I own you now slave.- I said. -You are a toilet slave you will be used for that sole purpose. You no longer have any other reason to live. The sooner you accept that the sooner you will be happy with your new way of life.- I said.

Yumiko Bathroom Diary

Pooping on the bathroom floor X3!

Thick Load Thru Panties

with my cute lace panties on i need to shit badly, the stomach pains of me holding my shit in so long, it needs to come out. I begin topless with my legs spread and begin to strain and moan load, wanting the shit to come out my asshole, it then squirts out hard turds come first then THE THICK CREAMY LOAD COMES SQUEEZING OUT MY PANTIES split it the smell is very intense the load is huge and creamy ugh its a nice load all for you. I then take my panties off and show them off to you, your begging for it and want more! i demand you to buy my shit and indulge in the nastiness! i put the shit in a container with the panties all packaged up and ready for YOU!