Fetish Piss Fuckable Ass

Maiya Sound Of Poop

A strong push produces a wonderful sound during a rush of poop!

A Double Shit For The Tv Bitch

My TV slut Monik is an insatiable gulp pig. Convince yourselves. Without even gagging, she swallows directly from the source of the shit, which my friend Contessa Calucci and I donate her. And that she willingly and gladly takes on the pee for rinsing is a matter of course for her. That’s how I like my toilets.

Custom: Bath Tub Fuck & Piss (mp4 Format)

Juuuuust wondering if you’d be down for a pee-custom. Nothing too specific – just masturbating (standing up if you can, squatting if you prefer) and eventually peeing after a while. You can use a toy if you want; if you’d rather use your fingers, go ahead with that, too! I guess the only hard requirements are that it’s a pee/masturbation thing, and you have a delightful time doin’ it?I squat down in my bath tub, bladder already full and go about fucking myself silly with my dildo. After awhile the urge to pee is mixing with the urge to cum and little by little it starts to drip out until I cave in with a moan of relief and let my piss …