Fetish Shit Enema Gerls

Shit In Shoes2

I really want to shit. on my shoes. I take off my shoes and start to shit right into my shoes. this can be seen close-up. now I smear shit at my feet

Mistress Kennya – Best Romanian Goddess Using Her Toilet

This is a UNIQUE movie with Mistress Kennya and her slave at a real fetish party. She call him in the bathroom in the middle of party and she announce him that she needed to release her bladder. She begin to humiliate him with her PERFECT nails, boots, scratching him, some high heels cleaning, sucking her heels, using him as ashtray and eating her ash and cigarrette. Then she undress her latex catsuit and begin to offer her Golden nectar, piece by piece, with full drinking from her toilet. A unique clip made by Mistress Kennya, priceless !!

I Spit And Shit On Your Face

Watch the mistress push and push her sweet shit out of her beautiful anal passage. This clip gives us great double view of the action before seeing the messy shit all over the slaves face. She pushes her shit down his throat using her fingers and spits on his face!

Pissing In The Park

At one bank, I lifted her skirt and pissed off. I had tremendous pressure and blurted out the only way to piss me off.