Ffafacface Facesitting And Pooping

It Really Hurt! Shouting Is Impossible – A Full Mouth Of Shit

It really hurt! Shouting is impossible – a full mouth of shit. Christina quarreled with her boyfriend and I suggested that she get emotionally discharged on me. She beat in full – such was the deal! She struck me 5 hard blows and came up to me to once again stuff my mouth with shit, and then again 5 strong strokes and again she pressed her shit into me. I had to eat her shit very quickly, otherwise she would continue to beat me, and it really hurt, especially when the beats hit one place !!! My hands were tied and I was completely in her power. I swallowed almost without chewing, great sips – the shit was tough and it was difficult to swallow, but the blows were very painful, so I swallowed quickly. It was a really tough meeting – this must be seen and heard.

Roxy Red Shoes Piss And Scat-second Cam

enjoy also the second cam version of the clip:Roxy red shoes piss and scatWearing sexy red shoes Princess Roxy comes into the bath room where her toilet slave is waiting. She spit in his face piss in his mouth. At lest its time for the best a big pice of princess shit stright in losers mouth. he swollows all, the lucky bastard.

Pov-come Lick The Shit Off Me!!

i make for you a POV KV Video,you see my asshole very very close,you can see as the hole slowly opens and the shit out slips nicely in your direction!!Mouth on you sow!!!

Yellow Drink In The Kitchen

Princess nikki prepares a yeallow drink in the kitchen. She makes the slave to drink a lot of this spezial fluis then she keeps the rest on the floor. She humilate the slave by this sansless action, then sure he have to clean :)pee, piss, humilation, toilet slavery, toilet humilation, pissing, princess