Fill My Gape With Your Piss

Mistress Roberta – Eat My Creamy Shit After You Lick Clean My Asshole-pov

Today slave you will eat my creamy shit only after you lick clean my ass hole of the shit remained near the hole and you will lick it clean if you want to eat that nice smelling shit fresh done for you .

Morning Ritual! – Hd Only

She’s been having problems taking a dump for a couple of days now and she knows she has to bring it out for health’s sake. So she heads to the bathroom, hikes down her shorts and panties, and sits on the toilet bowl. She spends precious minutes grunting hard on the bowl to make the shit come out. After a few agonizing minutes, nuggets of shit slowly crawls out of her asshole and drops on the bowl underneath her. Heaving a sigh of relief, she wipes herself clean with tissue paper, slides her clothes on, and goes out of the bathroom.

Whistle The Song To Shit Hd P1

The slave gets with the cattle prod a few more electricity hits, so that he lick faster the piss from the floor. Lady Grace then shits in a plastic bottle and the slave has to whistle a song along the way. Afterwards, the whole is garnished with spit and piss. So the toilet slave can then pull the shit through the narrow bottle neck into his toilet mouth.

Toilet Mouth P4

Now its time to expand the training of the toilet slave. It is the first time for the toilet slave to enjoy it that a lady is pukes into his slaves mouth. Puke fans must see the movie.A highlight!