Filled Shit Piss

309 Just A Big Turd In Cam Show

I did this big turd in Milaan the last week…. it is just a big turd but you can open your mouth and dream to be my human toilet! I did it during a camshow, every morning i do cam show with my turds! And a lot of pee…. MP4

Long Stinky Shit

I have a Giant Smelly Shit and I want to see it inside your mouth. Fortunately, I have a toilet and I use it in everyday life. Shortly I’ll fill his mouth with my long thick turd because my shit has an inexpressible flavor and excellent taste. Of course the slave will have to eat everything!

Mistress Roberta – Fat Breakfast -pov

Today my toilet slave you will be very happy and full with the breakfast i am making for you is very creamy and tasty the shit and a bit of pee to follow, enjoy!