Finger Peehole Nail Urethra

Drink Our Piss Toilet!

I agree with Minnie that we will take care of this slave’s dehydration. He should not worry about that! We are two beautiful Princesses, and what we always have a lot of, is pee! So it is very easy to be a slave of us. We tell him to lie down, and we give him several mouthfuls of our precious pee, so he should not be thirsty again before the next time we need to do our little thing! Minnie start by filling him up, before I take my turn and do the same. He misses a lot of pee, and Minnie make sure he lick every last drop from the floor.


Multi-angle and close-up poop.

Mia Andersson Piss Games

Miss Mia Anderson plays some noughty Piss Games with her slave boy!Reduced quality video!!!!!