Fingures Pee Hole

Ass Licker

20 minutes licking, kissing, worshiping, cleaning, sucking and adoring MIstress Anna`s goddess asshole, while she is studying and ignoring the slave.

Juice Explosion

I only fulfilled a wish; an old boy wanted to experience something special again. He absolutely wanted me to serve him my fresh drained piss into his mouth while sitting on my new toilet stool. His wish is my passion…

Night Vision Shit – You Even Watch Me Poop In The Dark

OMFG, did you record me shitting in the middle of the night..why? you sick fuck. You must be some real scat perv, well I will show you..I toot my ass up towards the blinking light which must be where the cam is. I am sure to spread my ass so that you can get a look at the shit coming from in between my ass cheeks and out of my sweet little hole. From there I try to go again after pushing out such a long shit, I grab my pregnant belly in hopes that I can get the rest of the shit out and well…just watch and see what happens..

Scat, Pee And Vomit For Our Slaves Cattle

Our slave thinks, tha all is done after some cleaning and feetmassaging… But he was terribly wrong. Because I needed to go already,I used him as a toilet.While he tried to stand that and vomitted repeatedly, Jordan Star pukedon him several times!I allowed him to sweep all the mush shit, piss and vomit together withhis hands and to swallow it again and again!When he was not able to stand more, he greased all the residues over hiswhole body for our amusement!!!