First Shit Swallow

Mistress Anna – Electric Torture Scat

I am just coming back from the gym, and I am sooo sweaty. I’ve ordered my toilet slave to sniff my stinky slippers while I’m gone, but now I have something fresh for it. My socks are really wet from all the work I’ve put in training. My body is always perfect. Looking at them makes all my slaves weak, I know that. I make the slave sniff them and kiss my perfect feet. It doesn’t matter what the condition of my feet is, my slave must always show them love. But that’s not the only part of me that needs attention. I put an electric device around its cock and nipples, and then order an ass sniffing (I also fart in its face lol). My toilet slave is very, very lucky… I am even feeding it when it’s hungry, never mind the electro torture. It has learned to accept the pain as part of being used by me. The human toilet lubricates my perfect ass, and I a prepared to give it the best meal in its life- MY shit and MY sweat combined! I am a kind Goddess, I even help it with the consuming of my waste…with the electricity directed at its balls. I sealed my ass to his lips and there is no space for him to run. He has to take it all and I will make him eat it.

Somewhere In Summer – A Shitty Lesbian Love Story

Two sweet american teenagers in grass, summer is coming, and first time shitsex… what can be more kinky and horny….

Laura Likes Peeing In The Bathtub – Mp4

This blond girl really needs to pee! So she went to the bathroom. Standing in the middle of the bathtub she takes off her clothes until she is wearing her white lingerie only. But soon her underwear will fall down too! Standing totally naked in the tub she starts to lay back and let the golden liquid flow! To give you the chance to see her from different views she changes the position a few times!

Thick Sausage Pressed Out Of Pussy

The thick sausage did not get out. So I had to powerfully by the pussy out, so that the rest also get out yet;)