First Shitting

Shit Supper For Slave

The life of toilet is a daily reception of shit. I lead the slave on a leash and command him to sit still while I prepare dinner. But this food is not for him as he thinks, it’s for me. He’s probably more tasty for him. Right on the table, I fill his plate with a supper of my smelly shit. I tell him to make sure he chews and swallows it all. Then it’s time for him to wash a plate with his tongue. See how the man falls! He’s a real toilet!

Lesbian Scat At It’s Best

See this scene with one of the best Scat Models ever.

Mistress Anna – All Inclusive

I am on vacation and there is all inclusive service. In my opinion, this means that there is a slave who will lick my pussy until I cum, will lick my asshole until is clean and will take my piss and shit! This I call 5 stars service… all inclusive!

On A Hamburger Men’s Loo, Served As A Living Urinal!

Had heard that there is a place in Hamburg where a woman’s mouth-pissoar hangs in a men’s loo! So I went there and got dressed Slutty, perched beside the Pisooars and offered my wife’s mouth as a substitute. Each local visitors who wanted was allowed to piss me in my mouth! I love it when I can serve many men as a living toilet!