Flexible Girl Peeing In Her Face

Feeding Out Of My Asshole

Hi, toilet. I’m so glad you’re here. I’m preparing your favorite meal tonight. It’s my nice, delicious, hot, fresh from my ass, SHIT! Are you excited? You always get excited when I feeding you with my shit. It gets me so horny to do it for you. You know how much I love when you smell it. How much I love watching you eat it. And as reward you get my spit.Then, toilet, I want you to eat it all up for me 🙂

Mistress Roberta-downwards View Of Preparing Your Breakfast-pov

Today i prepare your breakfast standing aiming the pee in your mouth and pooping all over spreading good the ass cheeks so you can see everything is going out and after i finish i give the ass hole and pussy to lick clean as you can see they need it and after you finish i will give you the good shit on the floor to eat, enjoy !

Cory Chase In You Are Next

I ate my previous slave yesterday and he is ready to come out. I want you to see what he looks like as I shit all over you. First smell the beautiful odor of my ass. Now I have 3 days of back up to drop on you, get ready, here it comes.