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Mistress Lilly – Big Turds For Your Next Meal

Mistress Lilly continue to create more videos for our store. She is so kinky and dirty and when it comes to shit, she just love to feel it on her body, into her hosiery, playing with it on her pussy, smear it… a scat Queen and adore to shit, piss and play with toys ! Today another 3-4 shitting movies with her, all in a single one !

Mistress Gaia – Pee & Pussy – Hd Version

It’s a lovely day and I’m in the gardens with Mistress Vivienne and our slaves. Slave Esme has to go to the bottom of the garden where the other male slave is waiting. She has the job of pissing on him. To help make sure she does, we have a couple of riding crops to hand. As she nears the slave we encourage Esme to stand over him and make sure she has a good piss. however, she seem to have a problem. So we tell her to sit on his face and smother him. With her sitting on his face I then approach him, he has such a limp cock and I stroke it with my riding crop to see if he responds. He’s such a whimp… Mistress Vivienne then straddles over and pisses on him. I ask him why his cock is so limp, and he doesn’t answer. We then spit on him and tell him he will be punished later. We are going to remove Esme and take her to somewhere quiet and give her a good beating…

Merica First Time Part 2

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