Force Pee Drinking

Mistress Gaia – Freshly Made

ITALIAN SPEAKINGMy slave has been in the cage all day, he’s getting a little desperate. I know of many ways to make him suffer for me. However, I’m in a good mood and have decide to allow him something to eat. Firstly my bitch has to show me the he appreciates my favor toward him. I tell him he will be rewarded if he is obedient and does what I tell him. I begin by getting him to lick my boots. I need him to make sure he really gets his tongue going. After a while of teasing him, I decide it’s time for his meal. I have a plate and spoon, and a large plastic jug to hand. He knows what his meal will consist of, and I waste no time on preparation. I sit over the plate and relieve myself of my delicious shit. I look into the cage and see my bitch watering at the mouth, the thought of such a treat really gets his taste buds going. I tell him I don’t want him to rush his delight, so I decide to spoon feed him through the cage. After eating some of my shit, I tell him he is going to have something to wash it down. I get the empty jug and fill it with my delicious amber nectar. It’s nice and warm, as I hand it to my slut and tell him to wash down my delicious shit. He drinks half the jug of pee, and I spoon feed him the rest of his meal. With the plate empty, he licks his lips in delight. I hand him the jug and tell him to finish all of it. Before leaving, I throw him my soiled panties as a souvenir of his meal that was so freshly made…

My Shit

I’m starting to shit. I’m completely naked. I smear shit on my body. I caress my pussy with shit. my ass is all in shitnow i’m completely naked. I’m shit right in the bowl. Now I write on my shit.

Scat Extreme By Two Dominas

On the slaves is waiting a hard test today. He gets the scat of 2 ladies administered directly from source. And whoever knows Rosella and the Contessa knows that they can distribute large portions.Contessa starts with the administration. Under the toilet chair, the slave opens his mouth wide. At first he gets her noble pee. Afterwards, her delicious caviar follows in a serving, as she has not yet served. A proper task for the slave to catch it with his mouth without too much being missed.Rosella does not want to serve less scat, and she places an equally large portion of her caviar on the top. Even the richly donated pee makes swallowing no easier. But all he does not swallow is squeezed into his ass. So the slave must swallow, swallow and swallow again.


Baby is shitting and peeing in the diaper for you;)