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Shitting Ass, Shitty Lips

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Mary Jane’s Stink! From The Toilet, To The Sink!!

I guess Mary Jane is gonna be leaving coal in people’s sink this holiday!! She’s been a lot more on the naughty side than nice in her last few clips!! This girl is putting her stink all over the place!!! Enjoy a nice trio of clips. Enjoy a short pee clip to begin, followed by a public toilet snake release! Then in the finale, enjoy as she brings the FUNK to her kitchen sink!! A great up close shot of her signature long snakes slithering out of her asshole!! And plenty shots of that magnificent body of hers as well!! I’m in looooove with Mareeyyy Janeeee (Rick James voice)!! And this is why!!

Threesome Scat Feeding With Goddess Andreea

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