Force To Eat Shit For Job

2 Mistresses Fill A Slave With Shit And Piss! Part 1

Here you can see the first part of the full movie: Here I have together with my girlfriend Lady Luciana, another toilet slave, filled with shit and piss. In the 1st part Luciana sat down with her hot ass on the face of the slave and he had to lick her asshole. While the slave licked Luciana’s asshole, she pooped him in the mouth and he had to eat her shit. After the slave had eaten Luciana’s shit, I stood over the slave’s mouth and pissed him a fat load of piss in his mouth, which he swallowed greedily.

Golden Shower P1

PJ is a friend of Mistress Michelle, likes to use toilet slaves and shits and pisses them in the mouth. Both Scatqueens have fun together and Mistress Michelle looks at PJ as she is shitting the slave in his mouth and pee.

One Day Of Kinky Japanese Girl

One day of kinky Japanese girl