Forced Cat Poo Gag

Kinky-tina Invites You To The Caviar Feast

Such an opulent time is rare and is only for experienced gourmets. This slave is one of those gourmets. Immediately 4 ladies serve him directly from the source their fresh caviar.One after another, the mistresses shit in his mouth wide open. The first is the Contessa, followed by Hot Svenja and Rosella. So that he can not say that he remained hungry, he finally shits Kinky Tina in his mouth and serves him an extra large load of piss.What a feast!

Dirty Party 20

The Princesses Nikki, Mini and Linda let the slave feel like a pice of sht ordering them to lick mud from shoe soles. Then all girls piss in slaves face and mouth following by kicking one of the slave in his useless nuts.

Smearing Shit On My Butt!

I ate so much last night I just know this is going to be a humongous shit! Come see me climb on my bed and get on my hands and knees to poop out an endless stream of creamy poop. I them grab a handful and start smearing my delicious poo all over my ass cheeks…so sexy!

Mistress Feeds Her Slave Fresh Shit!

Mistress lied her slave down and she squatted on him, first she pisses and then farted and of course pushes out her tiny pieces of shit straight into his mouth where he happily swallowed it!