Forced Cat Shit Eating

Mistress Anna – Direct In His Mouth

Custom request! (shit directly in your slave mouth. The shit must enter directly in his throw. His lips must be sealed on your ass hole )This is his breakfast! He is nothing more than a toilet! I shit directly in his mouth after I piss a little bit. He took my shit and swallowed it immediately and cleaned my asshole. Only small shit traces are left on my ass chicks.

Jeans And Boots And Pee

Sophia went out for the day but forgot to take her camera with her. As a result, she’s saved up her pee until she gets home so she can make a wee video for you. In addition to watching her pull down her jeans and thong to sit on the toilet, you’ll also get to see the goosebumps on her cold bum which she proudly shows off. Sophia was getting ready for her holiday in Brazil and did squats to make her booty a little bigger. What do you think? Was the extra effort worth it?

Ultimate Ebony Scat / Shit Clip Collection(mp4))

(EbonyscatPrincess’ top seller) (Dont miss out. Available in MPG,AVI, and WMV soon to be in MOV and ipod~~ This set of clips has 17 minutes of my best clips even some that are not listed in my store.. but has some from my yezz store as well… Ths is also available on CD rom This set includes: attic poo – secret poo- close up poo- wide open- scat burger- white panty poo- sloppy poo 13 second -poo off a scale- poo in a tub- feast for a king -poo on a plate- doggystyle on paper This clip is as requested by timscatboy…Enjoy