Forced Face Fart

Wand My Clit And Squirt

Watch me try my wand for the first time . Rubbing and grinding it on my clit, i spontaneously squirt pee all over. Absolutely mouth watering .

A Mouthful Of Shit For Goodbye

My slave had a big wish to be allowed to worship my ass. I make sure his tongue goes deep inside to clean my ass thoroughly with his toilet tongue. But it is his goodbye. He is leaving, and he is taking the bus for a long ride. So to make sure he does not suffer from dehydration, I make sure to pee a lot in his mouth. Besides he has no chance to clean up, so he will smell of my pee and ass all the way home. After filling him with my pee I want to fart in his face, but look what comes out.. 😉 There is a nice brownie for him to eat again. I make sure he consumes every piece of my brownies, before sitting on the bus for a day or so. He even have the courage to burp beside me, and his burp smells worse than my shit! If he got back home I don’t know, maybe he smelled too much as a toilet and was thrown off the bus in somewhere in Europe?

Pantypoop And Piss-crass Ennoble

I ennoble my blue Panty with my poop,too much poop….first i piss my panty full,ah so warm Pissbeam!! Then,i sit on the bathtub ledge and turn the ass against the side,then comes the soft poop… panty is full from my shit…..i will stick to the panty,and show you my crass smeared ass!! Come,want you lick my ass clean?

Shitting Diarheea In A Hurry

Godess wanted to pee and shit a nice diarheea but she was in a hurry because somebody must come in a few minutes in her apartment, so she call me to empty herself quickly !! Because she didnt like it to shit or pee anymore in a real toilet she use my mouth all the time for this kind of activities !! Enjoy the movie, today without sound. Tomorrow will upload another with sound ! stay close