Forced Panty Piss

Mistress Roberta – Painting The Balls With Shit

Today my slave will be more and more covered in shit because today is the easter and my slave will have the eggs -balls painted with shit today and to do that first i shit in one pantyhose sock and i tease my pot with the shit inside the sock and after i take it out anf fill his body and balls with shit and make him a nice costume on for this easter. enjoy.

Mega Diarrhea For The Slaves

Rosella and Contessa have now invited two beginners as slaves. The two still do not know what is ahead of them. Rosella already has convulsions in the intestine and must also shit immediately.A huge pile of diarrhea pours on the face of the first slave. But it does not help. Escape is not possible. She fills the second slave from her piss, because a huge pressure has also built up in her bladder.Then Contessa is the turn. A powerful pile of caviar is placed in the mouth of her slave, followed by a fresh load of natural sect. The two slaves are doing their best, but such huge loads of shit are too much for the two beginners. Laughing, the ladies watch as they gag around their wits to devour the divine gifts of the mistresses. But even when they feed them with a spoon, they do not manage to consume the huge portions. That must be better! For punishment they must dry the ground with their tongues dry.

Pryers To Mistress Isabella

184.4 These are the last pryers to me and the last pee drinkink of my slave… he clean also his finger from my shit, and he speak abouth 24/7 by me in italian. I like this clip but… may be you do not understand italian!!!!!! If you want to learn it look my scatting Italian / English Lessons here on Yezz!!!!!

Mistress Gaia Dirty Soles

CUSTOM REQUESTDanny is a poor loser and a pervert wanker. He wrote me a long email and begged me to shoot this video, confessing me he’s out of mind for this kind of stuff, in few words a dirt and infect fetishist. He confessed me he likes to clean with his tongue her girlfriend’s shoes soles, when she come back home after she had strolled about for hours, perhaps inadvertently walked on the worst and most dangerous crap on the public road. But his fetish is still secret and Danny must settle her girlfriend’s shoes. Not today! Today Danny MUST clean up my shoes soles and I’m going to stay right ?on his sight?. I even want to please him, I want to use mercy in respect of this inept man: my shoes soles, that are already filthy, stained with my copious and hot chocolate. And you … What are you waiting to serve me like Danny??