Forced Pee Drinking Domination

Scat Show From Real Devil Wife

New totally crazy video, imagine: you are with me in the bathroom, a terrible wind is screaming everywhere, the light is dimly lit, your mind is changed after meeting a scat demon, I lure you with my body to take your soul!! And at that moment when you no longer have the strength to resist, and all your thoughts are only about me, I give you a real scat show, a perverted show full of incredible moments with my gigantic and incredibly fragrant shit. How do you like that? huh!) In the video there is a loud process of defecation, smearing with shit, licking shit from my fingers, and much much more!) I hope you like it, happy halloween!) There are always a lot of interesting things ahead! love you

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Diva Staxxx’s Labor Day Fudge!!

It’s Labor Day!! My girl Diva Staxxx’s is back with a nice set of splacks from that 60 inch shit shooter of hers!! Enjoy as she spreads that mega booty as wide as she can to let the fudge slide out. Only thing is when you have as much ass as Goddess Staxxx does, it’s never enough!!! She got so much ass she needs help!! What I wouldn’t give to be in there with her when she takes one of her morning loads. Four great scenes from different angles and perspectives. The faces this woman makes while dropping her wet loads is so damn sexy!!! Enjoy one of my favorite chocolate asses dropping bombs!!