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Pooping At My In Laws Place And Blocking The Toilet

I am at my in laws place and I have to go for number 2. My in laws and my boyfriend are talking in the other room. The house is very tiny so I have no intimacy and I don’t feel very confortable. I am constipated again, my waste it’s very hard to pass. You can see my face while I push to get my shit out. I finally expulse 2 hard logs. I take the camera to show you inside the toilet bowl and zoom on my poop. I wipe my crotch and ass, flush the toilet and wash my hands. I look into the toilet bowl… it has not flushed correctly, there is still one log left. I flush again… Oh no, did I blocked the toilet? This is so embarassing! Since the house is isolated deep in the woods of Canada, there is no water pressure. I try to break the remaining log in pieces with my hand… eeew! Flush again… Take a rubber plunger. After a while I manage to flush everything! What a relief! The bowl is dirty so I clean it with paper, then a toilet brush. I flush again. Blow my nose and I am finally done.


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The Girl With A Big Ass Shit In The Street Toilets

The girl with a big ass shit in the street toilets.

Shit In Heels

Sexy blonde looks for a new spot to take a shit on after she came home from clubbing. Wearing sexy dress and high heels, she teases her dirty asshole, and plays with it till she shits all over the floor white in heels.