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Toilet Slavery – Eat My Shit!

my slave is eating my shit completly !

Stinky Shit

My slave is hungry that why I decided to put his dog collar on his neck and to feed him like a dog . And what the dog like the most – licking assholes yes! He licks my asshole while I am smoking and it my shit comes down in his mouth. I order him to lick my asshole despite the shit that is coming out of my beautiful shithole. My gorgeous pussy peeing on his face and he has to drink it.

Perverse Piss Games With Funnel!

Here you see perverse piss games, with me, with 2 users and one of my Domina girlfriends! Real perverse, of course I swallow again that sexy yellow piss, just different this time! Try it you and you know what I mean!

Anna Teilor Urgently Has To Pee…!

Anna Teilor has a filled bladder and really needs to go to the toilet – but the door is shut tight and seems to be locked! Nervously she searches for the key – and eventually finds it! She is soo happy and opens the door to the toilet very fast. Now she can raise her dress and finally start to pee! You can easily hear and see how much relieved she feels now…!