Forced Piss Drinken

Poor Slave Gets Our Shit

Here I have together with my girlfriend Lady Laura, use a toilet slave, filled his mouth with pound of shit. I sat down with my hot ass on the face of the slave and he had to lick my asshole with his tongue. While the slave licked Laura’s asshole, we pooped him in the mouth and he had to eat our shit.As a reward that he swallow our divine shit, I sat on his face with my big horny butt. Are you good there? I know it is!


Doggy-style poop with hard nuggets followed by soft logs!Multiple angles. Close-up ending.

Man Gets Puke And Shit Galore From Nasty Bitches! – Full Movie

Promising them shoes and jewelry galore, he asks the girls to give him puke and shit as part of his sick fetish. The girls oblige him and put their fingers up their throats. They puke all over his face and chest! They blow their noses and put snot on his face! They shit on a bowl full of puke and make him drink the disgusting mixture!